CGX722 Blowing, Filling and Capping Combiblock

CGX722 blowing, filling and capping machine integrates the blowing system, filling system and capping system. The transmission, empty bottle handing and storage processes are reduced. It has a wide application in beverage industry and packaging of liquid products as juice, milk drink, water etc.

Main Technical Data:
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Production capacity: 36000bp/h
Filling products: Liquid products
Filling heads: 72
Screwing heads: 24
Air consumption: 0.4m3/h
Air pressure: 0.7Mpa
Applicable bottle: PET round or square bottle
Max. Bottle body diameter: 75mm
Max.Height: 260mm
Max.Mouth diameter: 38mm
Max.Perform height: 140mm
According to different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.
Machine Features:
1.Blowing, filling and capping are integrated in one machine, Bottle neck handling in all process.
2.Ion air blowing dust-suction system and hydrogen peroxide sterilization are optional.
3.Siemens PLC control marks machine in an easy and stable operation.
4.Sanitary and washable capping system,the intensive UV sterilization and aseptic water rinsing sterilization for cap feeding are optional.
5.High efficiency, low energy,easy maintenance.

Some Samples:


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