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CPII/BPII Can And Bottler Pasteurizer

Glass bottles: max 72.000 bph
Cans: max 120.000 cph
The fully automated pasteurizer is alternatively used for pasteurization of filled glass bottles or cans to ensure microbio-logical product safety or as warmer for cold filled products to avoid surface condensation prior to labelling and packing. The machine is built in single or double deck execution depending on the required capacity. Containers are evenly distributed for double deck machines by a special guide rail and divider system which ensures the equal container flow to both decks. Fallen containers at the infeed of the machine are reduced by 60% by special designed conveyors and extra thin dead plates. Alternative execution for lower investment costs in traditional design or for low operation costs with energy and water recovery and full PU control.
1.Sealed roof design
2.Observation windows and doors on the both sides of the machine
3.Protection doors at the side of the machine can only be opened with special tools


1.Guaranteed microbiological safety and flexibility.
2.Traditional and energy efficient execution.
3.Single or double deck execution.
4.One click changeover for different SKU on HMI.
5.Optimized and independent temperature control with a standby sensor in each zone.
6.Crossed spraying nozzle position design to keep an even and stable spraying distribution.
7.Central glass fragment discharge with a chain conveyor chain over the whole length of the machine including trolley.
8.Doors on both sides of the machine which can be widely opened for bright working space and easy entry access.
9.All motors in compact structure with small size and light weight.
10.Horizontal installed pumps to avoid air lock and pressure loss.
11.Operation platform around the machine for maintenance.
12.Optional fully automated PU control.
13.Easy to clean and maintain.
14.Optional system for lower bottle temperature at discharge with PHE or cooling tower for additional water saving.
1.80% reduction in water consumption. Additional water saving with water blow off and collection at the machine discharge.
2.40% reduction of steam consumption with insulated piping and housing. Independent hot water tank with a single PHE.
3.Optimized pump module selection in class IE3 or above with power saving motors as option.
4.Machine structure in stainless steel and spraying nozzles in clip on design for minimized maintenance.
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Pasteurizer SHWG/SJ

Sterilizing machine or warming machine (including gas) adopts chain net transmission, which has good strength, high temperature resistance, good water permeability, stable transportation and PU temperature control system to ensure high temperature precision and sensitive response.

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