YOUNGSUN cap maker is an important part of rotary plastic bottle filling and sealing machine, It is between filling system and sealing system.It includes two systems, cap (lid) making system and aluminum cap conveyor adding cap system and includes following procedures: automatic film feeding device, driving device, automatic film collecting device, split lid device, automatic waste film recycling device etc.

The splitting module cuts the film into three or four caps,and then the caps are slid into the end of the slideway to be awaiting to be taken by the mouth of the bottle.

Main Technical Data:
Cap film material: Al+plastic laminated film
Cap film dimension: According to the bottle mouth
Cap film thickness: 0.10 mm -0.12mm
Standard capacity:

≤25000bph for three Splitting Module

≤40000bph for four Splitting Module

Bottle height: 80mm~280mm
Bottle diameter: φ40mm~φ85mm
Capping motor power: 1kW
Outer dimensions : L900XW900XH2500
According to different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.
Optional Function:
Cap (lid) making system:
1.Split type cap making device
2. Install film manually
3.Punch film driving device
4. Automatically collect film device
5.Make cap module
6. Blowing system
Aluminum cap conveyor adding cap system:
1.The aluminum cap slideway feed the cap
2.Automatic cap adding device puts the aluminum cap on the bottle mouth
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