YSXCSP serial Ultra Clean Filling and Capping/Sealing Machine

YSXCSP serial rotary type ultra clean filling and capping/sealing machine is designed for big bucket filling and capping/sealing. Usually it is for the low temperature and cold chain product, such as yoghurt and yoghurt beverage.

The features:
1.The bottles or bucket is separated and feed by sprial rod.
2.It is suitable for different bottle specifications from 150ml to 2000ml(with same mouth ameter).
3.The machine can be made to use capping or pre-cut aluminum foil sealing accroding to customer’s requirements.
4.Vaporized H2O2 sterilization, filling and capping/sealing are finished in the clean seamless chamber.
5.Simplified bottle neck positioning technology by mold plate opening and closing, which is applicable for filling various bottles with same bottle neck but different in volume and shape. Thus, the machine is in a quality of high capability, quick changeover time and high production efficiency.
6.Machine is made of stainless steel, which can meet foot grade requirements.
7.Drip proof design for filling heads
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