YSYGF Automatic Rotary Plastic Bottle Filling and Sealing Machine

YSYGF series machine is capable of working under full-automatic conditions. The machines are applicable to the packaging production of milk. yogurt, milk

beverage, fruit juice and so on, the completed full-automatically process is from vacuum negative pressure filling,cap-forming, capping, high-frequency sealing to product outputting.

Applicable Filling material:Liquid: Yogurt, milk, drink, fruit juice and so on.

(Viscosity: 10~30 centipoises)

Applicable packaging material: HDPE/PP/PS/PET bottle; Cap material is

Al+plastic laminated film.

Main Technical Data:
Filling heads 24 32 40 48
Standard capacity 21000bph (100ml) 30000bph (100ml) 38000bph (100ml) 42000bph (100ml)

Filling volume


100~1000 100~1000 100~1000 100~1000
Bottle height(mm) 80~280 80~280 80~280 80~280

Total power


φ40~φ85 φ40~φ85 φ40~φ85 φ40~φ85
Total power: 14.2KW 14.2KW 14.2KW 14.2KW
Air pressure ≥0.6MPa ≥0.6MPa ≥0.6MPa ≥0.6MPa
Weight(appr.) 4000Kg 5000Kg 6000Kg 7000Kg
Power supply(optional): 3N-PN-50Hz 380V/220V (3P 5 wires
According to different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.
Main Configuration:
Pneumatic component: SMC,FESTO,AirTAC
Sensor: P+F
Touch screen: Siemens
PLC: Siemens
Liquid level inspect sensor: Omron
Inverter Schneider
Central lubrication system: BIJUR
Warning light: SCHNEIDER
Optional Function:
1. Class 100 laminar flow hood
2. Bottle rinser, Unscrambler.
3. Sterilization tunnel.
4. Capping machine
5. Sleeve labeling machine
6. Pillow-type packaging machine, shrink machine,case erector/case packer/case sealer
7. Conveyors
8. Code printer,ink-jet printing
9. Can be equipped with automatic packaging line
Equipment Structure:
Driving system:
1. The main motor is controlled by the inverter,The users can adjust the production speed within its capacity.
2.Gear drive system, which can transmit the power to the movement parts.
3.Electromagnetism clutch control
Conveyor system:
1. Slat conveyor, 5m length, height adjustable
2.Engineer plastic star wheel
Filling system:
1.Piston filling, high precision filling
2. 316 stainless steel liquid filling valve
3.Floating ball switch inspect liquid level
4.The feeding valve is single seat valve
High frequency sealing system:
1.High frequency generator produce high frequency current
2.The cooling device is composed of booster pump and pipes, which is used to cool the electrical board and controlling cabinet.
Central lubrication system:
1. Lubrication oil supply center
2.Oil pressure automatic alarm device
3.Oil tube, oil mouth and allot joint
4.Lubricate automatically to each moving parts
Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice.

Some Samples:

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