YXG Series Automatic Rotary capping machine

YXG Series automatic rotary capping machine has been designed with high quality and well known for their reputation of reliability and durability.The rotary capping machine integrates bottle inlet, cap sort, cap feed, capping, bottle outlet together. Well suitable for diversified caps, also very friendly applicable for anti-theft caps. Caps are grasped and positioned well, harmless to caps during the machine running. Magnetic cap screwing technology,continuous adjustable magnetic torque of capping head and ensuring fastness of the cap.

Applicable bottle: PET/PP/Glass round or square bottle

Applicable cap: Plastic screw cap/ Pressure cap

Main Configuration:
Model YXG-10 YXG-12 YXG-18 YXG-24
Screwing heads 10 12 18 24
Standard capacity 15000bph (500ml) 20000bph (500ml) 30000bph (500ml) 40000bph (500ml)
Bottle volume range 220-1250ml 220-1250ml 220-1250ml 220-1250ml
Bottle height range 150-320mm 150-320mm 150-320mm 150-320mm
Bottle diameter rang φ45-φ95mm φ45-φ95mm φ45-φ95mm φ45-φ95mm
Total power 2.2KW 2.2KW 4.0KW 6.0KW
Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa 0.5-0.7Mpa 0.5-0.7Mpa 0.5-0.7Mpa
Air consumption 0.2-0.3m3/h 0.2-0.3m3/h 0.2-0.3m3/h 0.2-0.3m3/h
Weight(appr.) 3000Kg 3000Kg 5000Kg 6000Kg
Outer dimensions(m)


2.3×1.6×1.7 2.6×1.8×1.7 2.8×2×1.7
Power supply(optional) 3N-PN-50Hz 380V/220V (3P 5 wires)
According to different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.
Main Configuration:
Main motor: Germany Siemens
Cap lifting motor: China Meiwa
Touch screen: Siemens / YOUNGSUN
Cylinder: SMC / FESTO
Sensor: P+F
Inverter: Schneider
Machine frame: 304 stainless steel
Optional Function:
1. Heraeus sterilization module for the cap
2. Filling machine
Machine Features:
1.Suitable for PET/PP/Glass bottle capping
2.Siemens PLC control marks machine in an easy and stable operation.
3.304 stainless steel machine framework, meet food industry requirements.
4.Can be equipped with the Heraeus sterilization module for the cap.
5.Automatic detection for the outlet products and Reject non-conform product.
6.High efficiency and energy saving.
7.Easy maintenance.
Working Process:
1. Caps are oriented and supplied to the cap grasping area
2. Capping heads graspe caps and send to capping area
3. Doing capping work
4. Bottles with cap are outlet by conveyor
Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice.

Some Samples:

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