The top and bottom belts carton sealer series work independently or as a part of production line; Side belts driven, top and bottom sealing, economy and fast; Belts carton sealing series manually adjust the high and the width for different size of carton. The belts automatic carton sealing machine operated easily and safely with low failure rate. The width and height are adjusted automatically control by the photoelectric automatic detection system for packing different sizes of cartons at one time. After the top and bottom are sealed, the carton sealer is turned 90°and pushed into the corner and side sealing systems. The four sides and corners are sealed at the same time quickly and smoothly with the advantages of beautiful and high efficiency, safe manpower.
YS-501AW Automatic Carton Sealer
· Side belts drive
· Suitable for products in light weight
Model FJ-701B
Power supply 1p 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 400W
Sealing speed 20 meters/min
Carton size L(180-∞)×W(140-480)×H(120-480)mm
Tape size 48mm(Kraft or BOPP tape)
Machine size L(1158)×W(890)×H(1230)mm
Shipping size L(1300)×W(1090)×H(1330)mm
G.W/N.W 220kg/170kg
Optional ①Extension roller table  ②Feet wheel  ③Guard ④Stainless steel
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