CB2000 AutomaticLabeling Machine

Full automatic labeling machine is applied for the long or circle labeling, delivering labels, delivering bottles, pasting and labeling are finished at a time automatically. It’s used as wine labeling, bag labeling machine, bottle labeling machine and so on. Operation easily, the place of labeling is uniform and orderly. It can use the common paper label and debases the producing cost.

CB2000 Labeling Machine
This model is used for labeling container on top surface or side surface (please indicate when order)
Model CB2000
Power supply 1P 220V 50/60HZ 100W
Air pressure 2-5kg/cm2
Applicable container range L(20-300)mmxW(15-120)mm, customizable for
special requirement
Applicable material adhesive sticker
Applicable label range L(15-300)mmxH(10-120)mm(>120mm, need written notice), customizable for special requirement
Space between labels ≥3mm
Label scroll Inner dia ¢76mm, Outer dia ¢280mm
Direction of label scroll clockwise
Labeling speed 15m/min
Labeling precision < ±2mm(except container error)
Machine dimension L700mmxW700mmxH1650mm
Machine weight 150kg
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