B72 Semi-automatic Labeling Machine

Safe operation:

To ensure safe operation and keep the semi automatic machine under the best state, please read this instruction carefully before the first use.
1. Make sure that the hand/portable labeling machine is connected to the correct power supply of single phase.
2. Don’t put your hands into the machine cover or between the two rollers on which the to-be-labeled object is placed so as to avoid electric shock or finger injury.
3. Don’t wash the machine with water.
4. Don’t change or dismount the machine parts at will.
5. Keep the machine clean.
6. The label on the label tray shall be rewound back if the machine will not be used so as to prevent the label becoming dirty or damp.
7. The surface of the two rollers, on which the to-be-labeled object will be placed, shall not have oily stains.
8. Pull out the plug from the power socket when the machine is not in use.
9. Keep this manual beside the machine for convenient reference

B72 Label Allotter
Model B72
Power supply 1PAC220V50HZ 15W
Applicable material adhesive sticker
Applicable label range L110-200mmxH25-150mm
Label scroll diameter
Machine dimension L480xW220xH300
Machine weight 15kg
Features of the machine ?Compact structure, reliable function, convenient operation, easy maintenance
?Smart body, small size, to occupy a little space
Working noise ≤75DB
Environmental condition Humidity≤98%,Temperature20-40℃
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