B2000 Automatic Labeling Machine

Before using this machine, please make clear each switch function and signification in order to correctly and safely operate this machine. Otherwise, the machine will not work normally.
1. Text controller
2. Emergency stop
Turn the emergency stop switch in the direction as the arrow shows, the labeling machine will stand by. If you press down the switch, the machine stops working.
3. Start
4. Reset switch
5. Separator motor speed regulator
LOW: Low speed
6. HIGH: High speed
7. Encoder temperature controller (Only the machine with encoder)
8. Set the encoder thermal couple temperature (Normally 145℃)

B2000 Automatic Labeling Machine
Can pack the front and back of the thing to glue two labels at the same time in flat surface or ovals
Model B2000
Power supply 1P 220V 50/60Hz 600W
Applied material Undried glue lable
Lable size L(15-300)mm x H(15-130)mm
Package dimension Dia ¢25~¢120; H(40~300)mm
Label speed 0~120pcs/min
Optional Code printer
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