AB2000 Labeling Machine

Safety cautions to operate labeling machine:
*While operation, the operating staff stands right ahead the machine 10cm from the machine (freely operating the labeling object and control panel is appropriate).
*Please prepare grounding wire to prevent accidents.
*Please confirm the power supply for the machine. Don't plug wrong power supply. This machine adopts one way 220V power.
*Do not extrude hands into the machine cover to prevent nipping accident or electric shock.
*Do not flushing the machine by water. If the workplace is humid, the operating staff should not operate on barefoot.
*Don't change the parts of the machine freely.
*If the machine is not used, please roll back the label into the label spool to prevent dirty and humidity.
*It is only technicians who can repair the electric equipment.
*If do not use the machine, please pull out power plug.
*Main parts should frequently be lubricated by oil.

AB2000 Labeling Machine
It can label for round bottles(which can be conveyed vertically) or on side surface of other packings
Model AB2000
Power supply IP 220V 50HZ750W
Air pressure 2-5 kg/cm 2
Applicable container height 50-300mm(3:1 ratio for height and diameter)
Applicable container diameter ¢25-100mm(>¢100mm need to customize)
Applicable label adhesive sticker(transparent and special stickers need to customize)
Applicable label range L(1 5-250)mmxH(≤120)mm
Space between labels ≥3mm
Label scroll 土 1 mm(except container error)
Table height 950 mm
Machine dimension L1800mmxW1100mmxH1700mm
Machine weight 250kg
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