A333 Manual sealless steel strapping tools

Name Manualsealless steel strapping tools
Function 1t has the features of no externalpower required, no fasteners and easy moving, widely used in manufacturing, metallurgy,transportation and other industries, such as rolling, freight, metal,equipment manufacturing and so on.


1. Ughtweight body and easy to use, no external power required.

2. Without fasteners, adopting two-stage booster structure, can be easily achieved with a fastening between the steel packaging, high connection reliability.

3. Large tightening force and special structure design to achieve tightenni g and packagni g easliy. Such as the materials of steel,aluminumingots,heavy packagni g.

4. The tool is durable, adopting high-strength alloy materials for the body and components,high reliability design, and advanced manufacturing technology.

5. Patented design,safe for use, fatigue-free design.



Apply straps size


12.7-19 mm



Apply straps

Steel strip

Padlock form

Yin and yang buckle


3.9 kg



Maximum tension force

Steel strip on the maximum tension between 70% and 80%

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