YS-BS-3620-CP vertical packaging machine


The back sealed series machine are very popular.The continuous motion vertical machine designed for packaging a large variety of products at high speeds.Continuous pull film movement ,Simple structure, Economical and practical
Continuous motion leads to high productivity
Lean machine concept enables cost-effective production
Maintenance-free servo-technology ensures reliable production
PLC controls enable precise machine movements for smooth production and good bag quality
Intuitive HMI allows easy operation and short training time
Open machine concept for easy access and maintenance
Compact machine design for good ergonomics, product-conserving filling and saving space





Bag type

1 .Pillow bag

Only pillow bag

Gusseted bag+

bottom block

2. Gusseted bag


Standard capacity

10-110 bags/min

10-130 bags/min

10-100 bags/min

Size of pillow bag
Max size: 4.5L

Width : 60-360mm

Width : 60-360mm

Width : 60-360mm

Length: 60-500mm



Size of Gusseted bag
Width>2 times side depth

Width : 50-330mm


Width : 50-330mm

Depth : 45-140mm

Depth : 45-140mm

Length: 60-500mm

Length: 60-500mm

Film parameter

packaging material:OPP/AL/PE, PET/VMPET etc.

Film diameter: ≤600mm

Core diameter:76mm

Total power

5 KW

Air pressure


Air consumption

HS closure, 0.32NL/cycle

Outer dimensions (appr.)


Weight (appr.)


Power supply (optional)

3N-PN-50Hz 380V/220V (3P 5 wires)


  • Main Configuration:

PLC & HMI:    

Germany Berghof

Servo motor & Servo Driver:

ServoTronix (4 servo motors)

Vacuum pump:

Germany Becker

Precision regulating valve:




Middle relay:


Solid state relay: Siemens
Safety door switch: Hewittman
Sensor: ; SICK
Cylinder : Airtac
Standard printer:  Shanghai; DK ;Ink-wheel print


  • Bag styles:

Pillow bag 

Gusseted bag 

Block-bottom bag

1.Double film reel carrier
2.Automatic film joint system
3.Labeling machine and coding machine
4.Automatic correction sensor
5.Anti-static unit
6.Dust extraction
7.Hole-punch device
8.Exhaust device
9.Gas flushing
10.Gusseted device
11.Bottom Block

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